Colorado Woman of the Year

for spearheading the upcoming Women’s Suffrage National Monument in Washington DC.  
I have felt and listened to the voices of women and recreated moments of motherhood, moments of wearing thin, of letting go, of selflessness and of triumph. Commemorating women has become more than my life’s work — it is my calling to raise their voices, I sculpt so that we all can remember what it took for women to find stride in America. 

Storytelling through sculpture

My sculptures stop life in mid-sentence – somewhere between inhaling and exhaling – and gives it form.  I tell a story through the simple moments that imprint our lives and define us.

Public Works

sculptures Cast In Bronze
Permanent Messages Left Behind

My work is not static, nor is it a finished thought, but rather tied to a moment in time and place that reflects the unfinished story that is our humanity.  The permanence of my sculptures cast in bronze drives me to respect the message I leave behind – positive affirmations about life.

Select Works

Along with her own sculptural interpretations of the human form, DeDecker equally finds fascinating commissioned projects.  The interactive layer of working with a collector offers an artistic challenge to be the hands for the vision of a dedicated committee.  


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