Estes Park Women's Monument

Joesphine Hopp
Olga Ortega
Isabella Bird
Singing in Water
Jessica McDonald

I have designed the Estes Park Women’s Plaza to have two entrances that are joined by a natural stone path reminiscent of the many trails that the Estes Park Women’s Club  helped to raise funds for and build.  

One of the entrances will be located on the backside of the stone steps where the life-size sculptures of Eleanor Hondius and Edna Mills will be permanently attached.  This entrance will need to be added to the plaza which will connect the currently established pedestrian/bike path to the north-east side of the plaza.  Visitors entering from this vantage point will walk onto a natural stone path/trail from the pedestrian/bike path through the plaza and be greeted by different vignettes and informational plaques of the selected women of Estes Park.  

A low natural stone bluff/planter will be created around the outside of the plaza. The planter will be created to help encircle this visiting area reminiscent of the open arms of hospitality that these ten selected women of Estes Park provided to the visitors of this area.  The plaza will offer provide a gathering place for visitors to pause for a moment to enjoy the beauty of Estes Park.  

The planter will also allow visitors some separation from the parked cars to the west-side of the plaza.  The bluff will not inhibit or block the view of the life-size sculptures as the sculptures will be elevated on the stone steps – above the eye level of planters.  The planters that encircle the plaza will also allow visitors a place to sit and rest absorbing the beauty of the area.  The planters will provide an opportunity for the addition of native plantings to help create a natural backdrop to the plaza.  

The natural stone path through the plaza will lead through to the west-entrance which is located off the currently established pedestrian walkway.