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Sower lg

The Sower, depicts the historical figure rhythmically stepping
Through the rich brown earth as he scatters his precious seeds. The earth and its toiler are one.
As he gives the earth its texture, carved and molded by his sensitive hands, the artist too, pushes
with her hands in the earthen clay to give The Sower his form, his purpose for being. As one of
the few parables that Christ explained, the sower was sowing the word of God. Through numerous
stories, poems and letters, the Sower and the seed he was sowing represented mankind’s ideas and
his or her willingness to share them with others and let them grow.
DeDecker has completed her Sower,
It is time to see what what impact the Sower will have and watch his seeds will germinate and develop and inspire people to sow seeds
that will flourish and grow.

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